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Seminar on safer Internet conducted « 11/Feb/2020

Mining higher intellectual with valuable thoughts to make students practically perfect, a seminar on safer Internet was conducted at BVM Kitchlu Nagar Ludhiana. Nourished by teeming brains regarding how to be safe from getting trapped in false Internet attractions which take young innocent minds towards negative and destructive ideas,The seminar added never ceasing productive and positive thoughts to live a thoughtful life. Celebrating and honouring Incredible female Indian Scientists on International Day of women and girls in science,a documentary was screened boosting  scientific passion. Pushing boundaries of knowledge, students' views on women power were also collected while discussing over best accomplishments of Indian women. 

Youngsters are the makers of all revolutions who can bring cataclysmic changes and such kind of school seminars refine their behaviour for making them stable and lasting champions of their world-said Principal Mrs Neelam Mittar.