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Moby Win in CBSE XII Board Result « 13/Jul/2020

With efficacious influence Bhartiya Vidya Mandir Sr.Sec.Kitchlu Nagar, Ludhiana elevated its perennial pride in CBSE XII Board result with a Moby win. Glorifying the school glory 70 Students got more than 90% marks (Commerce- 43, Non-Medical- 16, Medical-11).

The detail of the result for your kind information is given below:-


First                 Gautam Jain (97.6%)

Second             Archna Rattan (97.4%)

Third                Riya Khera (97%), Yatna Jain (97%)



First                 Pranav Gupta (97.4%)

Second             Mudit Punj (96%)

Third                Aakriti (95.6%)



First                 Harpuneet (95.8%)

Second             Neha Galhotra (94.8%)

Third                Tanvi (94.4%)


Students obtaining 100 marks in different subjects-

·         Pranav Gupta (got 100 in Mathematics)

·         (1) Gautam Jain  (2) Archana  (3) Sonali  (4) Neha Galhotra (all got 100 marks in Physical Education)

Principal Mrs.Neelam Mittar congratulated all the scholars for their awesome victory and wished them a marvelous future ahead.