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Guiding Session Celebrating -International Day against Violence and Bullying « 05/Nov/2020

Society today is beset by competitive urge with unemphasised cultural values generating behavioral  problems with psychological and social- cultural roots . Inculcating sensitivity among the youth towards human and social problems, BVM kitchlu Nagar administered a guiding session celebrating *International Day against Violence and Bullying*  at school themed under *Together Against Bullying* supporting UNESCO's aim to build global momentum to end all Bullying. Speaking on the need of a safe and secure learning environment, Mrs Geeta Verma addressed severe consequences of Bullying violence ranging from depression,anxiety to suicidal ideation.  Desiring wellbeing outcomes and mobilizing experts and educators to come together for working to eradicate physical, verbal and online bullying, she appealed all to save youngsters from being victims of this evil.  Bullying deprives young children of the fundamental rights to education causing negative consequences on academic achievement resulting unwanted aggressive behaviour with serious and lasting problems.  Sudden change in behaviour, trouble in sleeping, loss of interest in general activities, downward shift of academic records were considered as basic symptoms of the victim.

Principal Mrs Neelam Mittar requested  all responsible elders to intervene and stop this bad practice before it gets out of hand understanding the aftermath of bullying . Motivating students to be a buddy not a bully,She also appreciated vigilant working of anti bullying school committee for non existence of any such case in school.