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Dussehra celebrated « 16/Oct/2021

Transmitting cultural heritage from generation to generation- a day of victory of light, wisdom, goodness & truthfulness-Dussehra was celebrated by Bhartiya Vidya Mandir, Kitchlu Nagar Ludhiana. The students eloquently narrated episodes of Ramayana .Spectacular presentation of primary wing students in Doha and Chopai Gayan created a divine aura of religious fervor in state of absolute bliss.In finely evocative mask making competition, the students prepared the masks of characters of Ramayana. The whole celebration worked as a milestone in the onward march of protecting cultural heritage.The show of extreme ebullience messaged all that ego and pride always bring downfall.

Be generous in all endeavours and kill the Ravana of all evils with full force- messaged Principal Mrs Neelam Mittar to the students.