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Seminar on Adolescents and Parenting Challenges conducted « 03/Sep/2022

Coping with the Challenges of Adolescence -A unique and formative time, Mrs Geeta Verma conducted an advisory session for Parents of adolescents on *Adolescents and Parenting Challenges*.Being strong observers of their wards' general behaviour , Multiple ways of  adopting healthy habits on sustainable grounds, exercising regularly, developing coping strengths, problem-solving, interpersonal skills and learning to manage emotions as important determinants to add  quality to their home life were shared. Any kind of violence , harsh parenting were recognized as severe risks to mental health. Undesirable Living conditions, stigma, discrimination, exclusion or lack of access to quality support were taken as major causes causing disturbances.
 Build yourself up, Work harder and push boundaries of your work abilities and  learn life lessons from Parents and Teachers- guided Principal Mrs Neelam Mittar to the students.