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Army Flag Day celebrated « 07/Dec/2022

Army Flag Day celebrated
Extending full and unwavering support and solidarity to Indian Army, BVM Kitchlu Nagar celebrated Army Flag Day. Expressing gratitude to valiant soldiers on the day of appreciation to Army Flag- symbolizing the dignity of the nation, students painted army flag with fathomless pride. Pledging and Marching ahead to ensure best support and seeking guarantee of every better deal for military persons, Patriotic songs flaunted the feel of patriotism. Songs and speeches by N.C.C.Cadets in Special Morning Assembly depicted the grit, dedication and determination of the Armed Forces, the daily challenges and hardships they face for their countrymen alongwith narrating of the long and glorious history of Army Flag to the students.
Paying tribute to the martyrs and the men in uniform who valiantly fought and fight to safeguard the country's integrity and dignity, Principal Mrs. Neelam Mittar wished all excellence and prosperity for the nation.