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Chetna Diwas celebrated « 14/Aug/2023

Upholding the honour, integrity, diversity and uniqueness of Mother India , BVM Kitchlu Nagar celebrated Chetna Diwas.Taking Panch Pran Pledge Meri Matti Mera Desh ,all committed to put efforts towards the development of the country,  keeping alive nation’s eclectic values of unity and integrity. Air of patriotic fervor permeated  the atmosphere during Patriotic Show of dance and music messaging all to surrender to nation in all ends for making it most dignified nation with their fullest contributions. Choreography -Daastan-E- Aazadi induced sense and sentiment of Indianism.The school echoed with patriotic fervour as children in tri-coloured patriotized the aura.
Highly Honourable Members of BVM Trust President Sh K.C.Maini            Ji ,Secretary Sh P.C.Goyal Ji and Senior Trustee Sh R.K.Behal Ji congratulated and appreciated the participants for their wonderful presentation.

Addressing students as hope of new progressing India ,Sh P.C.Goyal Ji motivated them to bridge the gaps between goals and accomplishments with superb intelligence and sincere efforts for additional successes.