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A Visit To Swami Vivekananda Old Age Home By Students Of BVM Kitchlu Nagar « 04/Nov/2023

Imparting ethical education and creating a  sense of social enlightenment, Committed to great works of  making this world  a better place, students of Bhartiya Vidya Mandir Kitchlu Nagar Ludhiana spent an emotional saga by visiting Swami Vivekanand old age home, Model Town Ludhiana. Spending time with the respected senior citizens of the old age home greeted them with the gift packs, snacks, woollens and surprise present in the form of music and dance performances. At the moment senior citizens  sang songs, laughed at jokes and enjoyed with students a lot with great favor. Getting benefits from their age old experiences of life, the visit went as a great learning experience for the students. The meet ended with hugs and goodbyes with promises of visiting again.The wizened ironical issue-the plight of aged persons with wrinkled faces and feeble bodies made them aware of the apathy that surrounds the old people. 

These type of visits work as an initiative to teach children moral values for making them responsible citizens of tomorrow-said Principal Mrs.Neelam Mittar.