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BVM Kitchlu Nagar Marks World Heritage Day « 18/Apr/2024

Honouring and Preserving our Rich Heritage ,Aiming to develop an understanding of global issues amongst the next generation of leaders, BVM Kitchlu Nagar experienced the varied flavours of the country’s rich cultural legacy on World Heritage Day. As prophesiers of tradition, The International Day for Monuments and Sites was observed in the wider context of Bharat to promote mutual cooperation. Celebrating the diversity of beliefs- various competitions were organised such as Collage Making of National Monuments, Assembling and Presenting Flags of different countries and Talk Show on How to preserve Monuments. Magnificent celebration as collective step  towards the preservation of historical sites, Highlight of the talk was inculcating pride in cultural values and being responsible Indians.
Retelling tales of India’s diverse and beautiful culture, Mrs Mala Babbar acquainted the students with the significance of Monuments as treasures of real identities. Providing a belief system and sense of belongingness, cultural heritage is an irreplaceable wealth for the futures to come so We all should respect and protect them by taking every step to keep this wealth safe- said Principal Mrs Ranju Mangal.