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Strengthening Capabilities by Strengthening Assessment - - Upskilling Teachers at BVM Kitchlu Nagar,Ludhiana « 28/May/2024

Making the participants understand the integral elements of the latest structure of assessment and to optimise learning and development in all students through regular assessments, BVM Kitchlu Nagar Ludhiana experienced a seminar on Strengthening Assessment and Evaluation Practices, emphasising on the importance of training for educators to keep them abreast of the changing scenarios. Resource Persons Ms.Sangeeta Gupta, Ms Monika Sood, Ms.Sakshi, Ms Tanvi and Mrs Monika Sharma added that  assessment being the third vertical besides curriculum and pedagogy holds a lot of significance in determining the learning outcomes.  Detailed discussion of the new structure of assessment with reference to the need for the same evaluation practices at CBSE, various types of assessments, including diagnostic, summative, confirmative, norm-referenced and criteria-referenced were given hands-on experience . 

Principal Mrs Ranju Mangal acknowledged and  appreciated the valued Resource Persons for usefully providing their insights and knowledge to strengthen and acquaint the teachers with various aspects and the purpose of multiple assessments.