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​BVM Kitchlu Nagar -Paying Tribute to Scholarly Personality, Swami Vivekanand Ji « 04/Jul/2024

Remembering Swami Vivekanand Ji ,embodiment of Indian culture and intelligence on his Punyatithi, BVM Kitchlu Nagar organised a Special Session to channelize the innate energy and talent of students. Purposefully and productively working to guide on Yoga and Meditation - A way to win ownself worked as most facilitating factor. Mr Kashmiri Lal ( Yoga and Meditation Expert) guided students to practise yoga and to control myriad swift and varied thoughts. Actively discussing the balance between the benefits of social media and the potential harms ,The debate over social media reflected broader concerns about the exposure of children and teens to harmful content, cyberbullying and privacy violation alongwith multiple benefits of generating worldly wise generation.  Debaters emphasized the need for more protective measures to mitigate the negative effects of social media on youth mental health.

Paying Tribute to Swami ji Principal Mrs Ranju Mangal exhorted the students to Strive to live up to the great ideas of Maker of Modern India , Practise Meditation  to focus more on coursework by strengthening concentration and self control.