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​BVM Kitchlu Nagar Balvatikans enjoyed-A Day Break from School Bags, No Bag Day « 06/Jul/2024

Going delightful and stress-free with hands-on activities and interactive learning without carrying school bags , Balvatikans of BVM Kitchlu Nagar cherished enjoyable learning. Capivatingly engaged with Spiritual Enhancement to promote personal growth and well-being, big learning circles of mindfulness, gratitude, compassion and unity circled all the Kids. A myriad of activities, talks and breaks ensured a calm and conducive environment. Drawing, Coloring pages and crafting, making simple toys, sensory play etc was quite  engaging.

Following the recommendations of NEP Observation of No Bag Day goes with Experiential Learning and Life Skills training with plethora of activities for harmonious development of students - stated Principal Mrs Ranju Mangal.