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​Festival of Greenery - Go Greener ,Go Safer Van Mahotsav at BVM Kitchlu Nagar Ludhiana « 08/Jul/2024

Dedicated to tree plantation and environmental conservation, Highlighting the importance of forests and biodiversity, Students from BVM Kitchlu Nagar actively participated in planting and protecting trees activities along with Making of Posters and Seed Bombs.  Instilling social responsibility amongst students towards safeguarding trees and forest cover ,Bringing massive awareness about green friends, Van Mahotsav went as an earnest attempt to lend a greater greener touch to school. The students circulated positive promotion of good life by planting saplings of various species and celebrating Green Birthdays. Balvatikans experienced circle time to discuss the relevance of the day and protested against cutting of trees.

"Protecting our environment is essential for the survival and well-being of all living beings on Earth, So Let's work together to make a positive impact and ensure a vibrant and thriving environment for future generations - Said Principal Mrs Ranju Mangal while addressing the students.